Academic Requirements

Keys to Academic Success


Students must maintain an average of 80% attendance in all courses with no individual class attendance lower than 70%.


To progress through the levels, students must meet the overall course grade requirement of 73% or above (B letter grade).

If students receive a grade that borderlines this grade requirement (B- letter grade), a full review of the student’s work will be taken into consideration.

Failure Policy

If a student fails a course at The Language Centre, the student must follow a set procedure and study plan put in place by the Academic Services Manager while repeating the level.

Support Services

Students are encouraged to get involved in extracirricular activites offered through The Language Centre and Saint Mary's University. Social and cultural activies can help to reinforce the development of English language skills, in real world application.

As well, the university offers a myriad of student support services that are fully available to TLC students. Please review some of the resources listed below: 

International Student Centre

The Studio for Teaching and Learning

English Language Support

Academic Essay Writing

How to Be An Online Student

Counselling Centre

The Language Centre’s best practices are followed to ensure fair treatment of all Language Centre students and maintain quality assurance of programs. The Language Centre recognises that students’ needs are diverse and will exercise flexibility where applicable