Roles and Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities


  • Accommodate students with disabilities while ensuring academic integrity and standards are upheld.
  • Work collaboratively with students with disabilities, the Fred Smithers Centre staff, faculty colleagues, administration, and other University employees to ensure that approved accommodations are implemented in a manner that protects the student's dignity, as well as their right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Consult with the Fred Smithers Centre regarding accommodations for students who are not yet registered with the centre.


  • Advise the Fred Smithers Centre of their need for accommodation by registering with the Centre and providing the appropriate recent documentation (within 5 years).
  • Participate in their individual accommodation planning by working with the Advisor once per semester.
  • Notify the Disability Advisor of any changes or concerns regarding their accommodations

The Fred Smithers Centre Staff:

  • Advise students of available resources and supports, and work with students to develop appropriate accommodations.
  • Handle accommodation requests in a timely manner.
  • Maintain student confidentiality.

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