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University can be stressful for many students. Most students cope well, but some do not and their behaviour can become concerning. Sometimes students come from families where they did not learn effective coping skills.

In general, you should become involved with a student in distress when you notice changes in their behaviour or become aware of an inability to function academically, personally and/or socially. Becoming involved does not mean you listen to their problems or advise them. Becoming involved means connecting the student with the most appropriate resources to support them while offering to follow up.

Students may use any of the resources listed on our Resources page.

Check out The Counselling Centre How to Identify and Refer a Student in Distress 2023-2024

All faculty and staff (excluding student staff) have the opportunity to participate in The Mental Health Series, which includes three sessions (Mental Health 101, 202, 303 and International) designed to increase confidence responding to and supporting students in distress. Visit the Mental Health Series page for more information. The Mental Health Series sessions are presented over Microsoft Teams during virtual operations.

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