Nicolas Roulin

Associate Professor

Faculty of Science

Office: McNally South 319
Phone: 902-420-5831
Pronoun preference: He/Him/His

I am an Associate Professor of Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology. My research is focused on personnel selection.

I am particularly interested in applicants’ behaviors during the selection process, including their use of impression management tactics or faking as well as interviewers’ and organizations’ attempts to detect and deal with faking.

My research also involves employment discrimination, how to use new technologies as selection tools (e.g., social media, asynchronous video interviews), and developing new forms of assessment (e.g., conditional reasoning tests).

My work has been published in top I/O psychology and management journals, such as the Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Organizational Psychology Review, or the Journal of Business Ethics. I am the author of the book “The Psychology of Job Interviews” edited by Routledge, as well as the co-author of the 8th edition of the "Recruitment and Selection in Canada" textbook edited by TopHat. I also am an Associate Editor for the International Journal of Selection and Assessment (IJSA).

I have also been involved in consulting work in the areas of employee selection and assessment.


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My recent and current research projects and topics include the following:

  • Differentiating Honest from Deceptive Impression Management Tactics in Employment Interviews: Antecedents, Mechanisms, and Impacts (supported by SSHRC Insight Grant #435-2015-0566).
  • Innovations in Interviewing: Foundational Research Exploring Asynchronous Video Interviews (supported by SSHRC Insight Grant #435-2021-1115).
  • Cross-cultural Impression Management Tactics in Job Interviews (supported by David Sobey Center Grant)
  • Examining the Effectiveness of Social Media Platforms (e.g., LinkedIn) to Assess Job Applicants
  • Exploring Bias, Stigmas, and Discriminations Against Smokers, Vapers, and Recreational Cannabis Users in Selection
  • Validating the Conditional Reasoning Test of Workplace Psychopathy

Ph.D. in Work and Organizational Psychology, University of Neuchatel

M.Sc. in Management, University of Lausanne

B.Sc. in Management, University of Lausanne