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The Political Science Department is pleased to acknowledge the following student achievements:

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Class on the presentation of their Honours Thesis research.  Here is a list of the presenters:

  • Iara Aguilera-Riera: The Venezuelan Democratization: the Influence of Presidents and Parties in Shaping Venezuelan Politics
  • Isalean Phillip: What happens when Race and Gender overlap?  Investigating what "intersectionality"means and what it does
  • Matt Gaul: The International Criminal Court: Domesticating War in the Absence of Politics?
  • Emily Prosser: The Heart of a Nation: How Mass Refugee Resettlements Problematize Canadian Identity through Media Discourse

In the photo: Dr. Marc Doucet, Matt Gaul, Iara Aguilera-Riera, Emily Prosser, Isalean Phillip, Dr. Lyuboz Zhyznomirska



Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Class on the presentation of their Honours Thesis research.  Here is a list of the presenters:

  • Tatiane Camargo: The Rising Importance of Transnational Refugees: Assessing the Contradictions of Current Solutions
  • Sean Hanlon: Social Movements and the Interventionist Vision of Sport
  • Callee Luddington: Climate Discourses and Communities in Canada and Norway: The Anti-Silent Spring
  • Michael Smith: Justice Sector Reform in Afghanistan:  A Strained Relationship between the Local and the International

2014-2015 Honours Thesis Proposals

In the photo: Dr. Marc Doucet, Michael Smith, Sean Hanlon, Callee Luddington, Tatiane Camargo



Congratulations to the 2013-2014 Class on the presentation of their Honours Thesis research.  Here is a list of the presenters:

  • Tobias Bechtold-Byrne: The Shifting Global Power Dynamic: A Realist Analysis of Russian and American Foreign Policy in Syria
  • Rebecca Espirito Santo: Arctic Governance: More Than Melting Ice
  • Emma Gillis: A Thorny Path to EU Membership: Is Turkey's Religions Identity Compatible with European Secularism?
  • Kit Goodridge: Disenfranchised or Misunderstood?  Why Youth in Great Britain Should Still Matter to the Labour Party
  • Kaitlyn Sobey: Election Mandate to Governance: Harper and Accountability Policy
  • Erin MacIntosh: The Politics of Peace Education in Northern Ireland
  • Kathleen O'Brien: "We Were Never Asked": Experiences in International Policing and Security Sector Reform
  • James Patriquin: The Internet as a Critical Juncture: An Existential Threat Facing the Nation-State
  • Brad Prest: Compromising Canadian Privacy for Strengthened Prosperity and Security
  • Adrienne Stinson: The Politics of Love: Spousal Migration, Marketization and Marriage Fraud in the Canadian Context

2013-2014 Honours Thesis Proposals



Congratulations to the 2012-2013 Class on the presentation of their Honours Thesis research.  Here is a list of the presenters:

  • Rumbidzai Chimhanda: The Inescapable Lure of Beauty's Paradox
  • Davina Ebbeson: Converging Policies: A Scalar Analysis of Commodification and the Issues of Immigration Policy Convergence between Canada and Japan
  • Joanna Fensome: The United Nations Transitional Authority and the Consolidation of Authoritarianism in Cambodia: Limitations of an inflexible mandate
  • Katie Grant: Memorializing Maze Long Kesh: Inserting multiplicity of the Self into a dyadic narrative 
  • Adam Mattinson: Regime preference in the free market: A comparative study of inward foreign direct investment in India and China
  • Conor Perry: Power to the "People": The Radical Right as a Political Movement in Western Europe
  • Laird Smith: Cybersecurity: Aligning Threat and Response
  • Jamie Wilkinson: Sex Trafficking in Cambodia: Assessing the Vulnerabilities 

POLI 2012-2013 Honours Presentation



Congratulations to the 2011-2012 Class on the presentation of their Honours Thesis research.  Here is a list of the presenters:

  • Ashley Dawson: The Political Nature of Canadian Electoral Boundary Redistributions: A Case Study of Nova Scotia 
  • Alison Macdonald: The Failed Promise of Women's Rights in Afghanistan: Why "Saving Women" is Problematic
  • Michael Murphy: Distributism: An Alternative to Capitalism and Socialism 
  • Kristina Stage: The Economification of Immigration Policy: The Reduction of People and Success to Profitability 
  • Victoria Constance Versteeg: Strategic Error?  The Incompatibilty of Abroginal Women's Identity Claims and Contemporary Neoliberalism
  • Guy Wellard: Mad or Rational Dog of the Middle East?  The Gadhafi Regime and Terrorism as Praxis

POLI 2011-2012 Honours Presentation

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