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The Political Science Department at Saint Mary's University (SMU) has a venerable past, a dynamic present, and a bright future. Its commitment to teaching and scholarship, as well as its belief in the importance of community service, can be traced back to the university's Jesuit roots.

Today, our small but thriving Political Science Department is renowned for working on behalf of its students, continuing to distinguish itself in its research and writing, and carrying on the vital work of forging connections in the academic community and beyond. Our aim is to provide students with a rich and rewarding learning experience, one that sharpens their critical skills, engages them in political ideas and practices, and grounds them in the world, locally and globally. Its program provides students with a solid foundation on which to build their future careers. In today's world, the study of political science has never been more relevant.

Our Department's teaching commitment and successes are reflected in our students. Professors get to know students by name, not only in high-level seminars, but also from group discussions, and through an array of engaging courses, including experiential courses like the Model United Nations. We offer topical, thought provoking courses in four fields of study: Canadian Politics; Comparative Politics; Political Thought; and International Relations. This website can provide you with detailed information about courses and degree requirements. We also recommend that you consult the university's academic calendar.

SMU Political Science students have access to events and lecture series on campus. They can also apply for Departmental and university-wide awards and scholarships.

The Saint Mary's Political Science faculty has made its mark through research, writing, and service. SMU Political Science professors have attained national and international stature for their work, from writing introductory textbooks, to specialized monographs, edited collections, book chapters, and articles. They engage in multi-disciplinary and inter-university collaboration and many have acted as heads, consultants, directors and analysts on academic and governmental boards, committees and commissions. The rich backgrounds and active lives of Saint Mary's Political Science professors help to create a lively and up-to-date learning environment for students, not to mention potential research and work opportunities for students as well.


Political Science

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