Undergraduate Requirements

Global Development Studies

The Department of Global Development Studies is an interdisciplinary degree program which uses the tools from a range of university disciplines to explain and understand the uneven distribution of wealth, social rights, and living conditions throughout the world. Global Development Studies research is conducted with an eye toward the social change and societal transformation needed to make the world a better and fairer place.

Global Development students conducts research, analyze different explanations, and engage in real world practices which seek to further our understanding and betterment of living conditions throughout the world. Students interested in Global Development Studies are encouraged to speak with the Global Development Studies Undergraduate Coordinator or a Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Advisor.

The Department of Global Development Studies recommends that students in development studies gain competency in a second language relevant to their studies. Students are especially referred to the Certificates offered by the Department of Modern Languages.

In addition to the general and basic requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree set out by the Faculty of Arts, students taking a degree within the Department of Global Development Studies must fulfill department-specifice requirements for their GDST major, honours, or minor. For information on degree requirements, see the undergraduate calendar.


International Development Studies Undergraduate Society (IDSUS)

Saint Mary’s has an active undergraduate student society that regularly organizes events, campaigns, speakers, workshops and various activities on and off campus, including the annual East Coast International Development Summit (ECIDS). To get involved or ask for more information Contact: smuidsus@gmail.com


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