Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

The full-time, part-time, associate and adjunct faculty in Global Development Studies bring scholarly and practical field experience to their respective research areas. Many faculty have well-established international reputations as both development scholars and development practitioners.

Global Development Studies faculty members have a wide range of interests. Much of their work is focused on the study of the political economy of development and globalization. Within this broad framework, faculty have particular expertise in:  

  • Environment and Development
  • Trade and Development
  • Migration and Development
  • Labour and Development
  • Security and Development
  • Global Governance and Development
  • Global Political Economy

Executive Committee

Gavin Fridell, University Research Professor and Department Chair

(Ph.D. York) Fair trade and free trade; international trade agreements; global political economy; critical development studies; psychoanalytic theory

Office: McNally South 417

Kate Ervine, Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator
(Ph.D. York) Environment and development, political ecology, carbon markets, biodiversity conservation, market environmentalism

Office: McNally South 421

Ali Bhagat, Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. Queen’s) The political economy of global displacement. Race and capitalism, global political economy, labour and development, identity politics, sexuality and gender, state capitalism, housing, post-structuralism, Marxism.

Karen McAllister, Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. McGill) Anthropology of Development, Environmental Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Southeast Asia, ethnic minorities, land and resource rights, agriculture, environmental conservation, resistance

Evangelia (Evie) Tastsoglou, Professor
(Ph.D. Boston) Feminist and intersectional perspectives on women, gender and various aspects of international migration; Canadian immigration and integration; violence and migration; citizenship and belonging; transnationalism and diasporas; migration and development.

Graduate Program Committee

Students are encouraged to work with faculty from other disciplines who are part of the Global Development Studies Program Committee, many of whom have well-established international reputations as development scholars and practitioners.

Andrés Arteaga
(Ph.D. U of Ottawa) Post-conflict scenarios, peace and reconciliation, historical memory and grassroots movements in Latin America

Rosana Barbosa
(Ph.D., Toronto) Latin American History, Migrations and Brazilian-Canadian Historical Relations.

Tony Charles
(Ph.D., British Columbia) Community conservation, coastal communities, small-scale fisheries, natural resource management and development, sustainable coastal development, sustainability indicators, Latin America and Caribbean

Cathy Conrad

(Ph.D., Wilfred Laurier) Water security, environment and development, community-based environmental monitoring, food security, natural hazards, climate change, clandestine migration

Claudia Defuentes
(Ph.D., Universidad Autonomy Metropolitan) Systems of innovation, academy-industry collaboration, absorptive capabilities, science and technology policy; social innovation

Marc Doucet
(Ph.D., Ottawa) International relations, international organizations, contemporary form of international intervention, and critical approaches to security

Maria Gomez
(Ph.D., New York) The relationship between prejudice, violence and critical legal theory

Rylan Higgins
(Ph.D., Arizona) Anthropology of food labour and marginality; social class, gender and consumerism; visual anthropology; engaged and public anthropology; Viet Nam

Sonja Novkovic
(Ph.D., McGill) Economist, specializing in cooperatives, credit unions and development

Jean-Blaise Samou
(Ph.D., Calgary) Fictional historiography, (Post)colonial France, and the interactions between African literatures and other forms of cultural production such as film, television, painting, comics, popular songs, and social media

Adam Spires
(Ph.D., Alberta) Latin American studies, Dystopian studies, Chicano studies

Henry Veltmeyer
(PhD, McMaster University) The political economy of international development, social theory, social movements, Latin American socioeconomic development

Lyubov Zhyznomirksa 
(Ph.D., Alberta) Migration studies, irregular migration, the politics of post-Soviet countries, European Union politics 

Adjunct & Part Time Faculty

Anupam Pandey
(Ph.D., Carleton University) Gender and development; method and theory in research; South Asia

Catherine Baillie Abidi
(Ph. D., St. Francis Xavier) Educational Studies

Cecil Ryan
(MA, Ph.D.-cand., OISE) Community human resource development; natural resource management; community economic development; educational planning

David Black
(Ph.D., Dalhousie) Canadian foreign policy; comparative politics of development Africa;

Edgar Zayago
(Ph.D., Zacatecas) Technology and development; nanotechnology and national development policy

Mehmet Nuri Gültekin
(Ph.D., Ege University) Social change; sociology of the Middle East; social and political movements in the Middle East; sociology of literature

Robert Huish
(PhD., Simon Fraser University) Global health; activism and social justice; North Korea; Cuba

 Ronaldo Munck
(Ph.D., Essex) Labour and development; Latin America

Sandy Petrinioti
(PhD., Panteion University Athens) Mediterranean migrations; political economy of migrations; EU migration policies; labour mobility and development

Shiva Nourpanah
(Ph. D., Dalhousie) Social Anthropology

Madhuparna Gupta

(Ph.D., Jadavpur University, India) International Relations Theory; Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies; Human Rights and International Law; Gender, Ethnicity and Development; Politics of South Asia; Central and West Asian Politics


Serperi Sevgur

(Ph.D., Dalhousie University) Political economy, post-Soviet spaces, gender, international migration, transnationalism


Arturo Ezquerro-Cañete 

(Ph.D., Saint Mary’s University and Autonomous University of Zacatecas) Critical development studies, political economy, agrarian change, (neo)extractivism, Latin America 



Kazi Ahmed

Administrative Assistant
Office: McNally South 424



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