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Accessibility Planning

Developing the Saint Mary’s University Accessibility Plan.

We are committed to meeting the needs of people who face barriers to accessibility to ensure our campus is an inclusive space for learning and working. We will do this by identifying, removing, and preventing these barriers and by meeting the requirements of Nova Scotia’s Accessibility Act.

See the Saint Mary’s University Accessibility Plan (2022-2025) .

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Accessibility Plan Steering Committee

  • AVP Diversity Excellence – Dr. Rohini Bannerjee (co-Chair)
  • AVP People and Culture – Mark Moffett
  • Manager of the Fred Smithers Centre – Jennifer Green
  • Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Wellness – Deborah Brothers -Scott
  • AVP Student Affairs and Services – Tom Brophy
  • AVP Research & Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research – Dr. Adam Sarty
  • AVP Teaching and Learning – Dr. Esther Enns
  • AVP ExternalAffairs – Margaret Murphy
  • University Librarian – Suzanne van den Hoogen
  • Senior Director Facilities Management – Dennis Gillis
  • Director Employee Experience – Kennedy Fitzgerald
  • Chief Information Officer – Todd Williams
  • Senate Committee on Accessibility Co-Chair – Dr. Sailaja Krishnamurti
  • Senate Committee on Accessibility Co-Chair – Dr. Jacob Hanley
  • SMUSA Representative - Ashish Ganapathy Venkatasubramanian
  • Director of Quality Initiatives & Transformation – Janelle McNulty

Accessibility Advisory Committee

  • Manager of the Fred Smithers Centre – Kate McHugh
  • Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Wellness – Deborah Brothers-Scott
  • Studio for Teaching and Learning representative – Jennifer Webb (Interim Co-Chair)
  • Library representative – Shannon Higgins
  • Facilities Management representative – Navjot Singh
  • Financial Services representative – Michel Ulbrich
  • People and Culture representative – Graham MacKenzie
  • People and Culture representative – Leah Gibson
  • Senate Committee on Accessibility representative – Paul Dixon
  • Arts Faculty representative –
  • Science Faculty representative – Dr. Lucie Kocum (Interim co-Chair)
  • Sobey School of Business representative – Dr. ML Wei
  • SMUSA representative – SMUSA VP Academic
  • Student Self-Advocate – Isabelle Chernish
  • Community representative – Rachel Hyett (Autism NS)
  • Fred Smithers Centre representative – Bill Travis

Supporting Documents