Oversight & Governance

Fund Governance


The Governance Committee oversees the regular and ongoing activities of the student associates in Venture Grade.  Students must have the approval of the Governance Committee to conduct an investment.  Students have a fiduciary responsibility to the fund, its future development, and to the future consideration of students yet to come.  The Governance Committee is composed of:  Ellen Farrell, PhD; Andrew Ray, Innovacorp; and Patrick Fitzgerald, Cox and Palmer.


Collegial Partners

Collegial Partners are business angels and venture capitalists who introduce student associates to investment opportunities and advise them on the requirements of due diligence.  Collegial Partners engage student associates to conduct due diligence, and can invite student associates to invest alongside their own investment activities.


Student associates are mentored by a collection of international industry professionals including: venture capitalists, business angels, professors, lawyers, accountants, other private equity specialists, and fund sponsors. 


Reporting consists of quarterly reports provided to the Governance Committee and the Collegial Partners, and annual reports to Funders and Mentors and the University’s Board of Governors.

Our Team

Stay tuned for our 2019 Venture Grade Team!