Venture Grade provides university and college students with applied and pro-active learning experiences in the private equity asset class. Students learn what it takes for growing firms to successfully compete by assessing risk, making investment decisions, and supporting the entrepreneurial economy of the Atlantic Region.

Student General Partners adhere to the following values:

  • We learn by doing;
  • We seek expert advice;
  • We consider all stakeholder perspectives in our decision-making;
  • We strive to offer equal opportunity for investment in firms led by entrepreneurs of every race, gender, and ethnicity.

Educational Experience

All students enrolled in a University or College who have completed the course in Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Rapid Growth Firms are eligible to apply to participate in the Venture Grade course.

  • Students apply to be accepted into the Fund as Student General Partners.
  • Venture Grade is a university endeavour that spans the fall and winter semesters (three credits).
  • To ensure an organizational memory of relationship building activities, Collegial Partners, and Mentors, Student General Partners will continue to engage with the fund after graduation.