Activities & Operations


Raising the Fund
Students develop relationships with members of the business and social community to contribute to the development of the Venture Grade Student Venture Capital Fund.  The principle objectives of participating in the fund are to develop outstanding educational experiences for local students and to support an entrepreneurial economy in the Region.

Deal Generation

Students generate deal flow by immersing themselves in the entrepreneurial community by:

  • Investigating start-ups in emerging sectors (i.e. ocean tech, clean tech, med tech, etc.);
  • Promoting the fund;
  • Acquainting themselves with the candidates of the various accelerators and incubators in the Region; and
  • Cultivating investment leads.


Due Diligence
Student General Partners (GPs) conduct due diligence for investment opportunities with the oversight of venture capitalists and business angels.  Student GPs will spend time with the entrepreneurial teams and conduct research in preparing Investment Memos about the opportunity, the team, the technology, the market, and the industry. 

Where opportunities exist, Student GPs will participate in investments with Collegial VCs and Business Angel Partners. Before making any investments, students consult with our Collegial Partners and the Oversight committee.


Ongoing Associations
As new Student GPs are admitted to Venture Grade, they are mentored by existing Student GPs who continue to be engaged with the fund.  This overlap promotes the development of skills and talents required to successfully take advantage of the experimental learning process.