Certificate in Mathematical Sciences for Education

Certificate in Mathematical Sciences for Education

The Certificate in the Mathematical Sciences for Education (CMSE) is designed for high school and junior high school teachers who wish to improve their mathematical background. It is approved for teaching license upgrading in Nova Scotia by the Minister’s Advisory Committee on Teacher Certification.

The CMSE program is for students who have a Bachelor of Education or equivalent. Students must gain approval from the Nova Scotia Department of Education prior to enrolling in the CMSE. Please note that teachers who already have a major or minor in mathematics from their undergraduate studies will not be approved for this program. certification.ednet.ns.ca/approved-certificate-programs  

Most classes will take place at the Nova Scotia Community College’s Ivany Campus in Dartmouth. Fall and winter term courses will primarily be offered one evening per week. The spring term courses are two nights per week, and the summer semester courses are held in the morning throughout July. There are no classes in August.  

Upon successful completion of the CMSE program, students will be able to apply for an upgrade to their teaching license.

The Certificate is delivered in a cohort model and students will not be able to deviate from the schedule. As some courses are only offered when requested for the CMSE, missing a course may make it impossible to complete the certificate. All courses must be passed with a minimum grade of C. 

The CMSE is a joint offering by Extended Learning of the Studio for Teaching and Learning, the Mathematics and Computing Science Department in the Faculty of Science, and the Education Department in the Faculty of Arts at Saint Mary’s University.  

Dr. Robert Dawson, faculty in Mathematics and Computing Science is the Academic Coordinator of the Certificate. He is responsible for staffing courses and deals with any academic issues that may arise.  

Stefani Woods manages the administration side of the program: liaising with students, tracking students’ course completion, and is the representative of the university for CMSE students.


  1. Bachelor of Education or equivalent
  2. It is strongly recommended that you have High School Pre-Calculus to be successful.

Under special circumstances students may obtain permission to transfer credits from another institution; this will be addressed after acceptance into the CMSE.

No course that has already been used towards a B.Ed., towards entrance into a B.Ed., or towards a previous teacher certification classification can be transferred.  


This program is under review and applications are not being accepted at this time.



For more information about the Certificate in the Mathematical Sciences for Education program and to register, please contact: 

Jennifer Webb
Educational Developer
Studio for Teaching and Learning
Burke 213
Saint Mary’s University

T: 902-491-6592

CMSE website: Certificate in Mathematical Sciences for Education