Athletics & Recreation

Jr. Huskies Girls Volleyball Summer Camp



August 15-19

August 22-26

9:00am - 4:00pm 12 - 18 $200 or $350 for both weeks




~ Price includes camp t-shirt, water bottle, and camp photo.

~ Maximum 60 campers per week.

The goal of this camp is to provide an environment where young volleyball players can develop their skills and have fun playing the game.  Campers will be grouped by age or experience level (perference can be accommodated to provide social experience within the context of the camp goals - campers can choose to change groups if they prefer).  Classroom sessions will be included (example: strength training, sports taping, nutrition, etc.).  Instructors will provide written evaluations of performance at the end of the camp.

Camp Features

  • Tournament play between teams coached by camp instructors
  • Educational seminars on topics such as off court training, nutrition, injury prevention, stretching, nutrition, etc.
  • Uniform design for each team.
  • Drills will be fun and engaging and be designed to prepare individuals for participation in team play situations at a competitive level with a focus on advanced and position specific skills.



August 29-31 5:30pm - 8:00pm 15-18 $80



~ Price includes camp t-shirt and water bottle.

~ Maximum 25 campers per week.

This camp is a high-level, position specific camp, designed for players who have a mastery of fundamental skills.  Training will focus on advanced technical and tactical aspects of volleyball along with volleyball conditioning to get you ready for the start of your season.


‌‌‌‌Please note that you must send in both forms plus a post-dated cheque along with the deposit for the balance of the camp for your application to be considered complete.

We also offer a 2016 - SMU Jr. Huskies Camp Lunch Menu which is served at the Student Centre on Campus.  Hot Lunch is included with the Football Program and is an option ($40.00) with all other camps held at Saint Mary's.