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Dean's Message

Welcome to the web pages of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR).  It is my distinct honour to serve the faculty, staff, and students of Saint Mary’s University as the second full-time Dean of the Faculty, following on the impressive 12 year program-building legacy of my predecessor, Dr. J. Kevin Vessey.  Prior to taking on this role, I had spent 17 of my 22 years as a professor here at Saint Mary’s University, and can say from direct experience that Saint Mary’s has undergone a very impressive expansion of its graduate programs and research activities over these years.  Saint Mary’s is committed to the pursuit of graduate studies and programs, and to the support of world-class research and scholarship in arts, science and business, at all levels of the University - from individual faculty members, to our excellent support staff, right up to the President’s Office.

We are now poised to solidify our place as the most research intensive small university in Canada, with the “small” aspect ensuring we maintain the benefit of a strong sense of community and the accompanying mutual supports - a uniquely Santamarian advantage when it comes to highly research active universities in Canada, making Saint Mary’s University a great place to pursue graduate studies!  Our professors in the Faculties of Arts, Science and Commerce offer 27 diverse PhD and Masters programs and one graduate diploma.  The research-oriented Masters and Doctoral programs span the range of expertise areas of our professors.  Beyond that, we capitalize on that expertise of our faculty, and on Saint Mary’s tight community connections, to offer high calibre Professional Masters programs, including our newest Professional programs (the Masters of Computing and Data Analytics and the International Master of Teaching English).

As we enter the 2017-18 Academic Year, we will be working with Office of the Vice-President Academic and Research to coordinate the review and renewal of the University’s Strategic Research Plan at the same time as our overall Academic Plan is re-visited.  The renewal will let us take stock of the large increases we have seen over the last decade in research funding, graduate student numbers, and number of research projects undertaken - these will let us make clear commitments to the future vision of research direction and support across the University.  

An important part of our research support has been through the FGSR’s Office of Innovation and Community Engagement (OICE) which - as part of the Springboard Atlantic program - helps facilitate research relationships between our researchers and communities beyond our campus, as well as aiding in the transfer of technology and other knowledge.  Closely connected is our recent leading role in the establishment of the Change Lab Action Research Initiative (CLARI), a multi-organizational network of 5 universities and the Nova Scotia Community College designed to build a trusted network of research expertise that can support individuals and organizations leading change across Nova Scotia.  These efforts and supports will remain essential elements of realizing the goals related to target of “promoting both foundational and community-engaged research” within the President’s academic Strategic Initiative of “Discovery and Innovation within a Learner-Centred Environment”.

We hope you find our web pages useful and interesting. Follow the links within this page and in the side bars for information on graduate studies programs and research activities within the University.

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Adam J. Sarty, Ph.D.
Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
Associate Vice President, Research


Our Mission

Approved by both Senate and the Board of Governors in January, 2001, the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research was officially launched in April of the same year to:

provide a co-ordinating and monitoring agency for graduate programs and graduate students, in order to ensure greater program continuity and foster university wide co-ordination; provide a strong central authority to streamline Faculty grant applications; and generate and disseminate Graduate Studies and Research Policy and Procedures.

Renewal of Saint Mary’s University Strategic Research Plan