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Executive & Professional Development


Are you looking to develop new skills, expertise, and insights? Do you want to stretch your understanding and awareness? Are you seeking new knowledge and practices to use at your workplace?

You’ve come to the right website – look no further than Saint Mary's University Executive and Professional Development.



We’ve been helping individuals like you develop the skills necessary to excel in workplaces that are always demanding and ever evolving. We’ve been doing it for more than two decades. We do it by delivering relevant and practical learning that will help with your personal and professional development. It’s a great combination.

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Believe it or not we’re officially into the second week of spring. Too bad the weather isn’t more cooperative!  What we do know for sure is that time still keeps marching on. New projects are being talked about, projects under way have deadlines looming and somehow, we need to get things done. Project Management (PM) is a methodology that is becoming more and more prevalent in modern work places. This month is the start of the Certificate in Project Management for the Project Associate. This is a great opportunity to learn about PM and decide if certification is something you want to pursue. The instructor is Judi Vincent and she tells you her thoughts about PM in our April 2nd enewsletter

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