Certificate in Mathematical Sciences for Education

This Certificate is intended to provide Bachelor of Education graduates with a broad background in mathematics, statistics, and computing science, enabling them to teach high school mathematics courses effectively. It is not intended for teachers who have completed a major or minor in mathematics at the undergraduate level.

Teachers who complete the program will have a deep understanding of the various contexts in which their own university-bound students will use mathematics. A teaching methods course is an integral part of the program.

Teachers intending to use this program to obtain a change in classification or endorsement of their Teacher's Certificate (or other professional certification) must obtain prior written approval from the appropriate authorities (Registrar for Teacher Certification). Teachers are responsible for obtaining this approval. For more information on this opportunity, please view the Registrar's website.

Admission Requirements: B.Ed. (or equivalent) required, Grade 12 pre-calculus mathematics (at least) or equivalent. Teachers must register in the program before starting any courses.

Requirements for Certificate Completion: Teachers must complete 30 credit hours and must achieve a minimum grade of C in all courses forming part of the certificate (cumulative quality point average of 2.00). All courses must normally be taken at Saint Mary’s University (with some exceptions – please contact Department of Mathematics and Computing Science).

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