Winter 2021 plans: Information for students

Saint Mary's University understands students may have questions from the recent announcement regarding the Winter 2021 Term. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for answers about course delivery/selection, self-isolation, and other topics. This section will continue to be updated as more information becomes available, so please visit this page often.

If you cannot find an answer to your question in the FAQs, please connect with us by email.

The 1,000 online courses that are now on offer will remain in place. However, starting in Winter 2021, we will also be offering in-person classes, and other in-person activities. Our goal is that students in each year will have a blend of some online learning and activities, and some in-person learning and activities. 

Our goal is to ensure that there is a blend of options (in-person and online) for all faculties and years: first through to fourth year, and right up to and including graduate programs.

A typical first-year student will continue to take courses online but they may have some lectures or tutorials on campus.  This may occur more often in courses that are “core” or “prerequisite.” If the classes are large, they may be split in half to allow them to meet together on campus.

Some graduate programs are small and may be able to have classes or meetings in-person without making many adjustments.  Others have larger numbers of students and may have to split into two groups in order to meet as a group. 

Over the next several weeks, faculty and their Deans will be working with staff to arrange for room bookings and to ensure all health and safety protocols will be followed.  We should see the updates appear in Banner by early to mid-November.

We will face some constraints such as the limits on group size, need for social distancing, managing timetables (allowing for more sessions and smaller sessions).  We also face physical constraints in science labs such as tables and benches in fixed positions. We will find ways to allow for access while observing public health directives.

Meaningful online and virtual experiences will be offered to students who cannot or choose not to come to campus. Fortunately, we are developing experience in designing and delivering these.

No. All courses that are core or ‘prerequisite’ will be available online and most electives will also be offered online. 

Yes. We should assume that the current public health requirements will be in place for Winter 2021.

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