Understanding Winter Term 2021 Course Schedule


All courses can be completed remotely. Although some courses do have in-person opportunities, students do not have to be on-campus to complete course requirements. 


Our blended January-April 2021 course delivery will offer four different course scenariosPlease read below to see examples of each course listing and what it means for you. 

For a comprehensive list of helpful registration information, visit the Student Message Centre in Self-Service Banner. 

Helpful terms and registration details: 

  • RemoteA component of a course will be delivered online (synchronously or asynchronously). 
  • Web (WW): This course was designed for online instruction before the university shifted to virtual/blended course delivery.  
  • Asynchronous OnlineThis course does not require you to connect at any specific times for assessment, evaluation, or to receive information critical to success in the class. It means quizzes, tests, participation and other activities must be available in broad time windows. However, scheduling of a final exam with a specific time may take place in some courses. 
  • Synchronous OnlineThis course will have delivery elements during specific times of day listed in Banner. Those elements contribute to the course's assessment and could include (but are not limited to) lectures, quizzes, final exams, midterms, class participation, etc. 
  • Synchronous online/on-campus: Certain components of a course can be completed remotely (online) or in-person. Whether participating online or in-person, the activity will take place synchronously on a specific day and time. 

Course Delivery Scenarios: 

Scenario 1: Completely Asynchronous Course 

Your course, lab, or recitation will be taught 100% remotely (online). You are not required to connect at any specific date or time for course work or assessment. 

Scenario 2: Completely Synchronous Course 

Your course, lab, or recitation will be held on specific dates or times remotely (online). On a specific day and time, you must log on to a learning platform. Your instructor will provide learning platform details. 

Scenario 3: Synchronous Lecture with Lab Offered Synchronously Online/On-Campus 

Your course will have a component (lecture, lab, or recitation) delivered synchronously online AND has an element offered either in-person on campus or synchronously remote (online). Students can choose whether to participate in either in-person or synchronously online. 

Scenario 4: Asynchronous Lecture with Lab Offered Synchronously Online/On-Campus 

The course's lecture component will be delivered asynchronously (you are not required to connect at specific days and times), and the lab offered either in-person or synchronously remote (online). It means students will need to participate in their lab either in-person or remotely (online) on specific days and times. Students can choose to participate in their lab in-person or remotely (online). 

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