Smithers Centre services during virtual operations

Fred Smithers Centre staff are available to assist faculty and to make sure students can receive their accommodations for online classes, tests and final exams now that the university has transitioned to virtual operations.

If a student has contacted you directly about an accommodation, please let us know at


Starting March 30, any professor who had clients registered with the Fred Smithers Centre for tests that were scheduled to take place between March 16 - April 7 will be contacted by email.

Please reply to the email to let us know if your test is still taking place. If it is, we let you know which students have registered with us, what their accommodations are and advise you on how to proceed.


Professors will also receive an email to advise if any of your students have submitted requests for final exam accommodations and what those accommodations are.

Any new requests from students asking for final exam accommodations will communicated to respective faculty as they come in.

Please note, that for students who require assistive technology (text-speech or speech-to-text software), we will have to ensure that they have the appropriate technology available to them to complete their exams.


If you have any questions on how to accommodate students amidst all these changes, please reach out to us at, or call the numbers below:

  • Katherine Heim, Exam Assistant: 902-440-9573

  • Kim Penny, Accessibility Resource Facilitator: 902-220-7785

You can also contact the Studio for Teaching and Learning for assistance with specific questions (e.g. if you are unsure of how to add on extra time for individual students).

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