Faculty return to office protocols

Access to Faculty Offices

Full-time Faculty members may now work in their personal offices on campus at any time during the workweek (Monday-Friday) provided they use the form to check-in when they arrive and check-out when they leave. 
Please note that restrictions on university-related travel, in-person meetings on- and off-campus with colleagues or students remain in place.  Exemptions to any of these restrictions would need to be obtained through either the Return to Research or other approval processes.


The following are protocols that must be followed by faculty to gain access to their offices:

  • Faculty must follow check-in and check-out protocols.
  • Masks must be worn in corridors and other common spaces such as washrooms and stairwells, as per Safe Work Practices established for the university.
  • The university will provide each employee with a branded SMU non-medical mask, on request, to encourage compliance with the university’s protocols for mandatory masks in all public indoor spaces (details to follow).
  • Everyone returning to campus must sign the Returning to Work on Campus document and return to the Occupational Health and Safety office by email
  • Access and respect of timing will be on an honour system. Faculty will not be required to sign in, but we ask that each faculty staff keep a record of their time on campus should an issue arise and contact tracing be required. If the trust inherent in an honour system is broken, then this could impact everyone’s access.
  • Faculty must only work in their own office/corridor and take the most direct route to enter or leave the building.
  • Faculty must use the nearest available washroom.
  • Faculty can also access the C-Store, but we ask that this be at most one trip per day.
  • Offices will be cleaned once a week on a rotating schedule. Most offices are already cleaned in the evening. If faculty decide to stay in their offices while it’s being cleaned, they must wear a mask. Custodial staff working in an office while other employees are present will wear a mask. Washrooms in each area will be cleaned once a day. Touch points, such as office doorknobs, will be cleaned twice a day. Faculty will be responsible to wipe off keyboards and phones, etc., within their own offices.
  • Research activities that take place in laboratories or other spaces must still be approved through the Return to Research process. 
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