Women's Centres & Groups

Saint Mary’s University Women’s Centre

The Saint Mary's University Women's Centre promotes gender equity and feminism, and celebrates women through activities and events. We are a queer and trans-positive space and embrace an anti-oppression philosophy. We are involved in a variety of political and social causes and activism and invite groups to use our space for feminist projects. We offer free resources, advocacy, referrals, and unique feminist programming. Some of our services include weekly stitch and bitch gatherings, free sports for women, feminist discussions, workshops and film screenings. We have a growing feminist library of books, journals and movies available to borrow and free condoms, pads, tampons, coffee and tea!

South House Gender and Sexual Resource Centre

"The South House Gender and Sexual Resource Centre exists in recognition of our common and diverse needs. We at the Centre know that you cannot work for a society free of sexism and patriarchy without also working for a society free of all forms of oppression. We are here to support all people dealing with oppression. The SoHo is a gender-inclusive 'safer space' and home-away-from home for all students, staff, and faculty of the Dalhousie/King’s community and welcomes all members of the community. The SoHo provides referrals to resources within the community, free meeting space for anti-oppression groups, a kitchen, volunteer and employment opportunities, bursaries, free childcare, and much more."

Tri-County Women’s Centre:


Outreach offices:

The Tri-County Women's Centre is a community based, feminist organization that understands both the need to offer direct services and programs, as well as to carry out community development and social advocacy as a means of achieving equality for women. The centre covers the three counties of Yarmouth, Shelburne, and Digby in the Southwest tip of Nova Scotia. They offer a high level of service that is used by individual women, youth and their families. It is also a place of referral for other community based, government and health agencies. The centre is a multi-issue entry point for women and adolescent girls.

The Woman’s Place: Annapolis 

"Our mission is dedicated to the well-being and economic status of women in the Kings, Annapolis and Digby Counties. We work with communities to achieve this mission through a variety of programs and services as well as creating a safe place for women to gather, share, grow and be. By supporting women, we recognize that we in turn nurture the growth of children, families and the entire communities that we serve."

LEA Place Women’s Resource Centre:

LEA Place is dedicated to achieving equity and equality for women by:

  • Improving the well-being and economic status of women and adolescent girls with information, services, programs, support and advocacy designed to address the complexity of issues in their lives.

  • Increasing community awareness and providing public education on issues of concern to women and adolescent girls.

  • Uniting women, their communities and government to create public policy to advance the status of women.
  • Advocating for women's human rights.

 Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre 

"We provide services to individual women and adolescent girls that include crisis and ongoing problem-solving support, information, advocacy, accompaniment and approach to problem solving and are delivered in a manner that promotes self-awareness, independence, and individual decision-making.

We act as an initiator and as a participant in our community for action on numerous social issues affecting women. We undertake research, community development and community education initiatives that promote the well-being of women. In addition, we extend some services and programs to women’s family members, male and female survivors of sexual assault, and adolescent girls and boys."

Pictou County Women’s Centre:

The Pictou County Women's Centre is a non profit, community based resource centre that provides support, advocacy, information, programs and community outreach. The Centre is available to ALL women regardless of their age, sexual orientation, background, race or origin. By offering programs and services to women, we further develop social justice, community development, self-help and women's health.

Central Nova Women’s Centre: 

  • 902-895-4295
  • 676 Prince Street, Truro

Central Nova Women's Resource Centre provides an opportunity for women of all ages to develop personal and social growth in all areas of life such as: self, family, employment, education, leisure and community.

Comprehensive list of women’s groups:   

The list is sorted by postal code. Search the document by pressing (ctrl + F key and searching for Halifax or another area). The list was last updated in 2005 and may be out of date. It is a good starting point when looking for a local women’s groups.