Information for Faculty

Now Available - Service Learning Faculty Modules! 

“I am delighted to announce the launch of the Service Learning (SL) Faculty Modules, which serve as a digital library of Service Learning information, resources, and support for any interested faculty member, developed and designed by Dr. Stephen Schneider, Faculty of Arts and Sarah Bray, Service Learning Coordinator, Student Affairs and Services.” 
- Dr. Malcolm Butler, Vice-President Academic and Research  

  • These modules are for all faculty members, even those not currently engaging students in this experiential learning approach
  • Faculty can choose to selectively view any of the 11 topic areas
  • The modules are available year-round on Brightspace. Faculty members can be added to the Brightspace modules by contacting Stephen Rankin at SAS@smu.ca

Research on Service Learning suggests that it benefits faculty and the university by:

  • Incorporating theory/concepts taught in class with community-identified opportunities

  • Encouraging students to be more engaged in the class by reflecting on their experiences and drawing connections to course content

  • Enriching the teaching and learning process

  • Encouraging innovation, collaboration, and partnership building with community organizations that can potentially lead to university-community research partnerships

  • Creating space for communities to serve as an additional space for learning (Gemmel & Clayton, 2009, 18-28)

If you are interested in learning more about Service Learning or would like to find out how the Service Learning Office can support you with Service Learning opportunities for your course, please contact: 

Novella Nicchitta
Service Learning Placement Coordinator

*Gemmel, L. J. & Clayton, P. H. (2009) A Comprehensive Framework for Community Service-Learning in Canada. Retrieved from http://communityservicelearning.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/A-Comprehensive-Framework-for-CSL.pdf