Canada Student Assistance and Grants

Students with disabilities who are Canadian citizens may be eligible for grant funding through the Federal Student Assistance Program. We encourage students to apply for these grants, as they may be eligible to receive up to $4000 per academic year. Additional grants are available that can provide funding for services such as tutoring, note taking and equipment like computers, and assistive technology. 

Students with disabilities may be eligible for the following grants:

Canada Student Grant for Students with Disabilities 

Students with disabilities may be eligible for a $4,000 grant each year if you show financial need of $1 on your application.

Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Disabilities

You may also be eligible for a grant of up to $20,000 for services and equipment such as funding for tutors, note takers, computers and assistive technology. You need to meet with the Accessibility Resource Facilitator to apply for this grant.

To be eligible, you must apply for a student loan through your home province. Even if you think you will not be eligible for a student loan, it is important to apply because other options may be available depending on your home province.

To learn about the eligibility criteria for these grants, please contact your province or territory’s student financial assistance office. 

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