Drop in Group Fitness

Group Fitness Classes

All of our Drop-In Group Fitness Classes are free to members and Day pass users. Reserve your spot 72hrs in advance.

SMU Fitness and Recreation offers a wide range of group fitness classes serve our student and community members. At any fitness level we have something for you! Join our SMUfit community and embrace the joy of in-person group fitness again.

Download a copy of our Summer (July) 2022 Group X Schedule today! 

To book for Classes:

  1. Go to our booking site
  2. Click on the class you would like to book, find your preferred day(s) and time(s) and select.
    (NOTE: You will also need to login using your Member ID# (community members) or your S# (students or staff). This can be done before Step 2 or after you hit Register.)

Schedule is subject to change. Please go to: athletics.smu.ca for the most up to date schedule.


Time  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:15am Total Body HIIT w/ Bobi   Spin w/ Donna Yoga w/ Allison

Strong 45 w/ Bobi
9:30am Gentle Fitness w/ Zena Body Sculpt w/ Zena Gentle Fitness w/ Zena    Body Sculpt w/ Zena    

Heart & Muscle w/ Zena 

Yoga w/ Anne


Bootcamp w/ Rick

Body Sculpt w/ Zena



Yoga w/ Sonja

30 Min HIIT w/ Mikaela

1pm         Yoga w/ Jeannie    
5:15pm Spin w/ Stephanie   Spin w/ Stephanie Spin w/ Elana (5pm)    



Heart 4 Life w/ Zena

  Heart 4 Life w/ Mikaela Yoga 4 Stretch & Relax w/ Maria      
6:30pm     Zumba Toning w/ Tina Strong 45 w/
7:00pm Zumba w/ Leticia  Yoga w/ Anne    Zumba w/ Tina (7:30pm)      

*No classes on Holiday’s, schedule is subject to change


An action packed fitness class filled with High Intensity Interval Training designed to challenge your body, burn fat and build lean muscle.

Introductory Yoga good for those who want flexibility and relaxation.

Abs, Legs and More with a new attitude - using tubing, weights, bars, balls, balance boards, and more.

Metabolic resistance training + high intensity interval training

Fun, effective, easy to follow, Latin-inspired, calorie burning dance fitness party! 

If you are new to spin, please arrive early to be sized for your bike.
Spin classes do not require bike reservation. Arrive early  to secure your bike.

This total body, low-impact workout combines cardio, resistance and balance exercises. Suitable for beginners, seniors and anyone requiring a modified program.