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Sobey School Women In Business

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Women in Retail - Virtual Executive Panel

hosted by the David Sobey Centre for Innovation in Retailing and Services: October 20, 2020.


2020 Steering Committee

  • Claudia De Fuentes
  • Rohini Bannerjee
  • Holly Foxall
  • Meghan Broadmann
  • Charlene Boyce
  • Barb Powers
  • Stephanie Fitzner
  • Eno Oto Tolu
  • Rhonda Harrington
  • Stephanie Howatt
  • Karn Nichols
  • Russell Pollard
  • Tim Damon



In 2019, we hosted a successful event called Women in Capital Markets. The event revealed a desire for a similar event to continue. This was the genesis of the annual Sobey Women in Business event. Over the last number of years, several initiatives have emerged from the Sobey School to draw attention to the role of women in business. In 2015, Dean Patricia Bradshaw hosted an event called "Provoking a Bold Future: A Community Dialogue with Women for Women." A Sobey School chapter of "Lean In" was created by a group of MBA students, followed by an undergraduate chapter.  

Corporate Canada knows the benefits of achieving parity, and the risks of not doing so. Join us each year to help build a more equitable and inclusive practice of business. During this event we will:

  • EDUCATE women on the roles and opportunities available.
  • SUPPORT women to build their network, identify mentors and leadership paths.
  • PROVIDE women with experiential opportunities to develop their skills.
  • BUILD a community to support women at the Sobey School of Business and throughout the region.



Women in Business


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