Tony Charles

Tony Charles

Professor, School of the Environment & Sobey School of Business

Director, Community Conservation Research Network

Faculty of Science, Sobey School of Business

Environmental Science Finance, Information Systems, and Management Science

Office: SB115
Telephone: 902-420-5732
Pronoun preference: he,him,his


Tony Charles is a professor in the School of the Environment and the Sobey School of Business, at Saint Mary's University, and the university’s Senior Research Fellow in Environment and Sustainability. He teaches courses on natural resource management, oceans and coasts, and sustainability management. His research focuses on fisheries, oceans and coasts; ingredients of sustainability; climate change; ecosystem-based and community-based management; community conservation; and parks and protected areas. Tony is Director of the global Community Conservation Research Network which explores how local communities engage in environmental conservation supporting sustainable economies. He also leads a second global project on the role of fishing communities in environmental stewardship ( Tony’s books include “Communities, Conservation and Livelihoods”, as well as “Governance of Marine Fisheries and Biodiversity Conservation” and “Governing the Coastal Commons”. He recently produced the United Nations report “Addressing the Climate Change and Poverty Nexus” and the 2020 report on Nova Scotian Communities & Covid-19: Challenges & Resilience. Tony has been awarded a Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation, and has served, over the years, as an advisor to a wide range of environmental, Indigenous and community organizations.

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Anthony Charles

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