Stephen Schneider

Grad Coord Criminology
Faculty of Arts

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Organized crime, crime prevention, policing and law enforcement, community development.


Ph.D., Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia, 1997
M.S., International Economic Development, University of Pennsylvania, 1993
B.A., Political Science, Carleton University, 1990

Non-Academic Work Experience

1998 - 2000, Manager, KPMG Investigation and Security Inc.
1996 - 1997, Coordinator, Mount Pleasant Crime Prevention Office
1993 - 2015, Independent Criminal Justice Researcher and Consultant, Independent Consultant
1988 - 1993, Research Officer/Policy Analyst, Drugs and Major Crimes Section, Solicitor General Canada

Scholarly Contributions


Schneider Stephen. "Crime Prevention: Theory and Practice" (Spring - 2014)
Schneider Stephen. "Iced: The Story of Organized Crime in Canada" (Spring - 2009)
Beare Margaret, Schneider Stephen. "Money Laundering in Canada: Chasing Dirty and Dangerous Dollars: Money Laundering in Canada" (Spring - 2007)
Schneider Stephen. "Refocusing Crime Prevention: Collective Action and the Quest for Community" (Spring - 2007)

Journal Articles

Schneider Stephen. "Violence, organized crime, and illicit markets: A Canadian case study", Sociology: Problems and Practices 71 (Spring - 2013), 1-18
Schneider Stephen, Hurst Christine. "Obstacles to an integrated, joint forces approach to organized crime enforcement: A Canadian case study", Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management 31:3 (Spring - 2008), 359-379
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Schneider Stephen. "The criminal intelligence function: Toward a comprehensive and normative model", Law Enforcement Intelligence Analyst Digest 9:2 (Winter - 1995), 1-26


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Other Publications

Schneider Stephen. "Organized crime"
Criminology: A Canadian Perspective, Seventh Edition (Spring - 2014)
Schneider Stephen. "Addressing Youth Crime and Violence in the HRM: Research Findings and Recommendations"
Report submitted to the Mayor and Council of the Halifax Regional Municipality(as part of the Mayor’s Roundtable on Violence) (Spring - 2014)
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Beare Margaret, Schneider Stephen. "Tracing of Illicit Funds: Money Laundering in Canada"
Solicitor General Canada (Spring - 1990)