Russell Perkin

Faculty of Arts

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Russell Perkin received an honours BA from Acadia University, a BA and MA from Oxford University and a PhD from the University of Toronto. In addition to his studies in English, he has studied law at the City of Birmingham Polytechnic, where he passed the Common Professional Examination and the Law Society Final Examination of the Law Society of England and Wales. Dr. Perkin specializes in British literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. His first book, which has been in print since 1990, was on George Eliot. His research interests mainly focus on two interdisciplinary topics: the relationship between religion and literature, and the expression of social and political issues in literature. His second book was Theology and the Victorian Novel (2009). In recent years his research has concentrated on the post-1945 British novel, and his third book, David Lodge and the Tradition of the Modern Novel (2014), was a study of David Lodge within the horizons of post-war British fiction. He is currently studying the way that the British novel addressed the same questions that preoccupied British politicians from Clement Attlee to Margaret Thatcher. He retains a strong interest in the Victorian period, especially in Matthew Arnold, the Brontës, Victorian faith and doubt, and “condition of England” writing.