Miguel Morales

Associate Professor
Sobey School of Business

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Service quality Cross-cultural service quality Culture influence on consumer behavior Service quality and sports Service quality brand associations


Ph.D., Business Administration – Marketing, Université Laval , 2007
M.S., Marketing, Université Laval, 1996
M.B.A., Master of Business Administration , ESAN, 1988
B.Comm, Economics, Universidad de Lima , 1982

Non-Academic Work Experience

1988 - 1989, Administrative Manager, Canal UNO S.A.
1985 - 1987, Project Analyst, Ministry of Economy and Finance
1982 - 1984, Commercial Analyst, Continental Bank

Teaching: Course / Program Development

2001/02 - Present, Courses Taught:

Scholarly Contributions

Journal Articles

Morales Miguel, Ladhari R., Reynoso J., Toro R., Sepulveda C.. "An Independent Assessment of the Unidimensionality, Reliability, Validity, and Factor Structure of the LibQUAL+TM Scale", The Services Industries Journal 32:16 (Spring - 2012), 2585-2605
Morales Miguel, Ladhari R.. "Comparative Cross-Cultural Service Quality: An Assessment of Research Methodology", Journal of Service Management 22:2 (Spring - 2011), 241-265
Morales Miguel, Ladhari R., Reynoso J., Toro R., Sepulveda C.. "Factor structure and psychometric properties of a Spanish version of LibQUAL+TM", Performance Measurement and Metrics 12:1 (Spring - 2011), 23-37
Ladhari R., Ladhari I., Morales Miguel. "Bank Service Quality: A Comparison of the Perceptions of Canadian and Tunisian Customers", International Journal of Bank Marketing 29:6 (Spring - 2011), 224-246
Morales M. "Assessing the Cross-Cultural applicability of a Service Quality Measure: A Comparative Study between Quebec and Peru", International Journal of Service Industry Management 10:5 (Winter - 1999), 449-468


Morales Miguel, Lei Peng. "Investigating the relationship between website quality, perceived usability, perceived enjoyment, satisfaction and behavioural intentions: evidence from China", Global Management Conference (Spring - 2017)
Kim C., Lee H., Morales Miguel. "The influence of parental style on consumer socialization in mother-adolescent dyads and father-adolescent dyads", 17th AMS World Marketing Congress (Spring - 2014)
Ogden H., Morales Miguel. "Cultural Dimensions and reaction to the Soccer Dive: Comparison of Chinese and Canadian Students", 15th Cross-Cultural Research Conference (Spring - 2013)
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Morales M. "A methodological review of cross-cultural service quality research", 7th International Research Seminar on Service Management (Winter - 2002)
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Morales M. "Consumption Patterns of Leisure Activities: The Case of Movies and Sporting Events", 30th European Marketing Association Conference (Spring - 2001)
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Morales M. "Le marketing à l’ASAC : le bilan d’une décennie", ASAC Annual Conference (Winter - 1998)

Service: Institutional Committees

BNUZ-SMU Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Finance, Zhuhai, China Program, 2015/03 - None (Academic Director)
Member (Department’s representative), Faculty Executive Committee, 2009/01 - 2012/01 (Member)
University Academic Discipline Committee, 2006/01 - None (Member)

Service: Professional or Disciplinary

Reviewer, Service Industries Journal 2014/02 - Present
Reviewer, Managing Service Quality 2014/02 - Present
Reviewer, International Journal of Hospitality Management 2014/02 - Present
Reviewer, Library & Information Science Research 2014/02 - Present
Reviewer, Canadian Journal of Administrative Science 2014/02 - Present
Conference Reviewer, 2014 AMS World Marketing Congress 2013/03 - 2013/03
Conference Reviewer, 2010 Academy of Marketing Science – Cultural Perspectives in Marketing (AMS-CPM) Conference 2009/03 - 2009/03