Suzanne Dansereau

Faculty of Arts
International Development Studies

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Scholarly Contributions

Book Reviews

Munro W., Dansereau Suzanne. (2002)"The Moral Economy of the State: Conservation, Community Development and State Making in Zimbabwe", Canadian Journal of African Studies 36, 1, 164-167

Journal Articles

Dansereau S. "Globalisation and Mining Labour: wages, skills and mobility", Minerals & Energy - Raw Materials Report 21, 2 (Winter - 2006), 8-22
Dansereau S. "Win-win or New Imperialism? Public-private Partnerships in Mining and Development", Review of African Political Economy 103 (Winter - 2005), 47-63
Dansereau S. (Winter - 2005), 7-25
Dansereau S. "Liberation and Opposition in Zimbabwe", Journal of Contemporary African Studies, Special Issue on: Reconceptualizing Democracy and Liberation in Southern Africa 21, 2, May 2003 (Winter - 2003), 173-192
Dansereau S. "Liberation and Opposition in Zimbabwe", Limits to Liberation in Southern Africa R. Southall & H. Melber. Cape Town, South Africa, Human Sciences Research Council and Uppsala, Swede (Winter - 2003), n/a
Dansereau S. , Labour, Capital and Society 35, 1 (Winter - 2002), 104-130
Dansereau S. "ADemocratization in Zimbabwe: Limits of the >Good Governance= Agenda@.", Advancing Human Security and Development in Africa: reflections on NEPAD S.J. MacLean, T.M. Shaw and John Harker. Dalhousie University, Centre for Foreign Policy Studies (Winter - 2002), n/a