Granville Ansong

Sobey School of Business

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Scholarly Contributions

Journal Articles

Ansong G., Oppong A.. "Clean Surplus Accounting in a Neo-Classical Model: Some Implications", Canadian Administrative Science Journal n/a (Winter - 2003), n/a
Ansong G., Alkahby H., Frempong-Mireku P., Jalbout A.. "Symbolic Computation of Appell Polynomials Using Maple", Electronic Journal of Differential Equations n/a (Winter - 2001), n/a
Ansong G., Achireko P.. "The Effects of Mineral Price Models on Mineral Project Evaluation", Mining Engineering and Transactions 308 (Winter - 2000), n/a
Ansong G., Achireko P.. "Stochastic Model of Mineral Prices Incorporating Neural Network and Regression Analysis", Mining Transactions 109 (Winter - 2000), n/a
Ansong G., Gorman B.. "Perceptions of Independence - Do They Change Over Time?", International Journal of Auditing n/a (Winter - 1998), n/a


Ansong G.. "Low Temperature 3-D Ising Model Using Maple", Published in: Proceedings of Neural, Parallel and Scientific Computations (Winter - 2002)
Ansong G., Hamby B.. "Perceptions of Independence: Are They Still Changing?", Published in: Proceedings of ASB Conference (Fall - 2000)
Ansong G.. "Risk Aversion and Stock Price Sensitivity to Earnings", CAAA Conference (Spring - 2000)
Ansong G.. "Earnings, Dividends, and Stock Prices: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis", CAAA Conference (Spring - 2000)
Ansong G., Hamby W.. , European Accounting Association Conference (Winter - 2000)
Ansong G.. "The Dynamic Effects of Shocks in a Clean Surplus Model", The Atlantic Schools of Business Conference (Fall - 1999)
Ansong G.. "Equity Valuation and Accounting Information: A Theoretical Analysis", The Atlantic Schools of Business Conference (Fall - 1997)
Ansong G.. "Asymmetric Information and Trading Volume: An Application of the Kernel Estimation Method", Atlantic Schools of Business Conference (Fall - 1997)
Ansong G.. "Consumption Vrs Capital Income Taxation: A Simulation Analysis Using Kernel Estimates", Atlantic Canadian Economics Association Conference (Fall - 1995)
Ansong G.. "The Formulation of Tax Policy: A Signal Extraction (or Game Theoretic) Approach", Canadian Economics Association Conference (Spring - 1995)
Ansong G.. "The Thibaudeau Case: Would the Real Winner Please Stand Up?", The Atlantic Canada Economics Association Conference (Fall - 1994)

Other Publications

Ansong G.. "Intertemporal Substitution and Savings: An Empirical Analysis" (Spring - 1988)
Ansong G., Gerrard C., Poshen G.. "Agricultural Pricing Policies in Four East African Countries"
World Bank (Winter - 1987)
Ansong G., Beach C., Boadway R., Bruce N.. "Taxation and Savings: Some Life-Cycle Estimates for Canada" (Spring - 1985)