How to Request Access to Information

The University's ultimate goal is to satisfy requests for information through routine channels, and to use the formal access request procedure under FOIPOP as the avenue of last resort. The links provided below describe how to make a formal request, and  how to access publicly available information and statistics from Saint Mary’s University.

To access information, your first step should be to contact the person or department that holds the information.

An application must be in writing and forwarded to the FOIPOP Administrator for processing according to the FOIPOP Application Process for Saint Mary's University as outlined below.

Access to Information Requests during COVID-19

Normally, an application to access a record must be made in writing and forwarded to the FOIPOP Administrator for processing. In response to COVID-19, Saint Mary’s University has transitioned to virtual operations. During this time, we appreciate your support and understanding. Upon the recommendation of the Nova Scotia Information and Privacy Commissioner, applications for access to a record, during virtual operations, may now be submitted electronically to Suzanne van den Hoogen, Chief FOIPOP Administrator, at Where applicable, please continue to mail in the mandatory $5 application fee.

Request Access to Records Form

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