Welcome Team

Saint Mary's University is filled with Alumni, Faculty, Staff, and your fellow Students who are eager to welcome our newest group of Santamarians. This team is committed to creating the best welcome experience as you begin your studies. For 2021 - 2022, the Coordinators are:

  • Brady Saunders
    Welcome Activities Coordinator, Student Affairs & Services




Pack Leaders

To lead many welcome activities & events, there is a committed group of senior students known as Pack Leaders. This group of volunteers are active in ensuring that new students have the best welcome experience possible. Pack Leaders apply and are interviewed for this role each year. The selected Pack Leaders proceed through a training program to get ready for the arrival of new students. For questions about Pack Leaders, contact welcome@smu.ca.

Peer Coaches

All new students will be assigned a Peer Coach who will be contacting you via email in early July. Peer coaches are upper year SMU students who want to help you as you adjust to life as a student at SMU. The Coaches will be setting up a time to connect on a weekly basis regarding various topics such as:

  • New student essentials
  • Academic Advisors
  • Campus resources
  • International student supports
  • Getting involved
  • Success as an online student, etc.

After September, Peer Coaches will be running student success workshops and will continue to engage with you all semester to support you with any obstacles you may face.  As upper-year students, there’s a good chance they have faced similar challenges and can help you find success as a student. Be sure to check your email in early July to connect with your Peer Coach. If you haven't heard from your peer coach, email peercoaching@smu.ca with your name and A#.

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