Peer Coach Program

The Peer Success Coaching Program connects all new to SMU students with a Peer Success Coach from the time you are accepted until you begin your second year.  Peer Success Coaches are upper year SMU students who want to help you adjust to university life. As upper-year students, there’s a good chance they have faced similar situations and can help you build a foundation for success as a student.

Program Details

  • All new incoming students are automatically assigned a Peer Success Coach. No registration necessary! Simply check your email or contact us at to connect with your Coach. 
  • Meet new students before classes start in virtual group sessions. 
  • Book an appointment to chat with your Peer Success Coach anytime during the semester. Bring any questions/topics that you wish to discuss with your Coach.
    • One on one booking appointments with your Peer Success Coach.
    • Drop-in hours occurring each weekday. 
  • Attend Student Success workshops and events throughout the year hosted by the Peer Success Coaches

 I am new student; how can a Peer Success Coach help me?

Your Peer Success Coach can support you in the following ways:

  • Accessing campus resources
  • Problem-solving and goal-setting
  • Answering questions about university life
  • Adjusting to university life and academics
  • And much more!
 Are you an upper year student interested in becoming a Peer Success Coach?

Peer support programs provide an opportunity to partake in professional development, gain hands-on experience, and give back to your peers and campus community. These positions also look great to future employers and are a lot of fun! We've recruited for Summer 2022 but come back to this page to know when applications open again.