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We have begun the process of adding an expansion behind the Loyola Academic Complex and the Sobey School of Business. The building will be the same height as the Sobey Building, standing four storeys tall. We are expecting our students to enter this new building in the Fall of 2023.

Timeline: 2021- Demolition, foundation and framing begin. 2022 - Building exterior complete, begin interior work. 2023 - New building open for university use.

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May 2023 Update:

The Sobeys Inspiration Hub exterior is nearing completion with final pieces that were left off to allow material deliveries being filled in over the next few weeks. Inside, interior finishes are progressing from the top floor down with flooring almost complete on 4th floor, ceiling grid up with tiles and services in place and paint is on in most areas. Interior glass is in place in some central areas, such as the Arthur L. Irving Entrepreneurship Centre with glass for circulation areas arriving over the next month. Landscaping work around the Sobey Inspiration Hub will begin in June.


October Update: Sobeys Inspiration Hub exterior glass curtainwall ongoing, exterior masonry nearing completion. Interior mechanical, electrical, and framing is progressing.

June Update

May Update

March 21, 2022 Update: Construction is on schedule for both buildings. Structural steel is completely mounted on the west half of the Sobeys Inspiration Hub and decks are being prepared for pouring concrete. Installation of in-floor heat, and mechanical and electrical systems is underway. On the other sides of the Loyola complex, the footings and foundation walls of The Exchange are being mounted, ready for structural steel installation in April.

January 2022: Construction is well underway on the Sobeys Inspiration Hub. Framework is almost complete on two concrete stairwells.


Questions and answers

What entrances and hallways are closed on campus during construction?

The entrance to the Loyola Residence off Gorsebrook Avenue is closed now to both pedestrians and vehicular traffic. The turning circle for drop-off and pick-up is also closed off completely to both vehicles and pedestrians. People can use the entrances to the Loyola Academic from the Quad and walk through to the C-store, the Art Gallery and through to the residence desk.

There is one covered entrance/exit at the rear of the Sobey School that leads to and from the parking lot off Robie Street. This is accessible for pedestrians.

What impacts will the construction have on traffic and parking?

Trucks will access the back parking lot via Robie Street for the demolition phase. For all other phases, trucks will have access via Robie Street and Tower Road. 

What time will construction workers be on site?

Working with the noise bylaws in Halifax, construction will generally occur 7 a.m. - 4 p.m..

Will there be any blasting of rock during construction?

There will be a small amount of rock breaking as this structure will not have a full basement.

Will there be any interruptions in my power or water supply?

We will keep interuptions to a minimum, performing this type of work overnight when possible.

Have additional questions or concerns? 

Margaret Murphy Associate Vice-President, External Affairs margaret.murphy@smu.ca or 902-229-2264.

A map showing the location of the new building connecting the Sobey School of Business and Loyola Academic Buildings.