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A virtual event at Saint Mary's University.

The Saint Mary's Indigenous community with Student Affairs and Services is pleased to release a digital repository of Mawio'mi videos to celebrate Indigenous peoples, their history and traditions.

The term Mawio'mi refers to a gathering of Mi'kmaw people to celebrate life. Sometimes referred to as a Powwow, this event includes Indigenous ceremony, storytelling, dance, drumming and gathering with friends and family. Since 2018 Saint Mary's has hosted a Mawoi'mi on-campus but given COVID-19 health and safety protocols this year, we have shifted our celebrations to take place digitally. 

Drumming circle

Michael R. Denny and Stoney Bear

This group has played at our gatherings for many years. The SMU community always loves to dance and share in their good drum medicine. Tahoe. Wela’lioq.

Performance One 
Performance Two
Performance Three
Performance Four
Performance Five
Performance Six
Performance Seven

A picture of a bear sitting on a rock.

Shalan Joudry Podcast

Shalan’s work is amazing and explores language and art brilliantly. We’d like to highlight Km+tkinu (Homeland) at our Mawita'nej.

Listen now.

More podcasts.

A drumming circle

Garrett Gloade - Drum Keeper & Iron Tide

Beautiful drumming and dancing are important to send prayers to the creator. Welta'q, msit.

Performance One
Performance Two
Performance Three