Evan Ferral leaning on a table.

Evan Farrell

How can we keep an eye on the elderly without watching them at all? Here is how.

Evan Farrell is a third year Saint Mary’s student majoring in Computer Sciences. But when he’s not in the classroom, you can find him at HomeEXCEPT Inc.: a cutting-edge local start-up company that brings peace of mind to the elderly and their loved ones with some seriously ingenious tech.

“To get a chance to work on a project like this while I’m still in school is amazing. It’s actual hands-on experience that not many students get.”

Winners of the prestigious AARP Innovation Champion Awards competition, HomeEXCEPT Inc. have developed a plug-in solution to help monitor loved ones. Through machine learning, the company’s device uses a temperature sensor to detect abnormalities and collect data patterns in the homes of the elderly. If the device picks up an atypical heat signature in a particular room and at a particular time, loved ones will be notified remotely via HomeEXCEPT’s proprietary dashboard.

With 25 percent of Nova Scotia’s population surpassing age 65 by 2030, Evan and the team at HomeEXCEPT Inc. are working hard to find solutions for future problems.

“Working on this project has been challenging, but a great opportunity and one of the best experiences of my degree so far.” 

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