Year by Year - What You Need to Know

First Year (0-30 Credit Hours)

Goals: Explore, Experience and Investigate

  • Take time to transition and adjust to university.
  • Develop your academic skills.
  • Explore and become knowledgeable about the different programs at Saint Mary’s University.
  • Meet your academic advisor.
  • Consider opportunities for study and travel abroad.
  • Explore ideas for your major. Make sure you are satisfying program requirements when you plan future courses.
  • Meet with a Career Counsellor to discuss your major and/or future plans.
  • Write your first university-level resume.
  • Activate your Co-Curricular Record, a tool for you to find, track and supplement your out-of-class experience.

Second Year (30-60 Credit Hours)

Goals: Self-Assessment and Career Research

  • Research majors and begin to consider what subject areas are most interesting to you.
  • Meet with a Career Counsellor to learn about your skills, interests, and preferences in relation to careers and academic programs.
  • Visit the Career Development Centre to explore work options in your field of study. Explore experiential learning through campus and community activities.
  • Attend the Volunteer Fair in September.
  • Consider applying to a Co-op program to gain work experience.
  • Update your Co-Curricular Record.

Third Year (60-90 Credit Hours)

Goals: Focus on Your Major or Field of Choice

  • Meet with a Career Counsellor to clarify your program and career goals.
  • Volunteer or work within your field of study to gain experience.
  • Research your chosen field: job shadow, conduct informational interviews and begin to build your network.
  • Develop your résumé and practice your interview skills at the Career Development Centre.
  • Clarify admissions procedures for entrance to post-degree programs. If required, prepare for tests such as LSAT, GRE, GMAT, and MCAT. Develop contacts for reference letters for work and/or graduate school.
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor to ensure you’re on target to graduate and chose 4th-year courses.
  • Update your Co-Curricular Record.

Fourth Year (90-120 Credit Hours)

Goals: Transition from SMU to Work or Grad School

  • Apply to post-degree programs or internships.
  • Visit the Career Development Center to develop creative work search skills and self-marketing strategies, including hidden job markets.
  • Learn what it takes for success on the job.
  • Attend career fairs, such as the Halifax Career Fair
  • Be aware of recruiting opportunities on and off campus; view job postings starting in September of the final year.
  • Network with industry professionals and alumni.
  • Update your Co-Curricular Record.
  • Important: Apply to graduate from the university.