Transfer Credits and Agreements

Your transcripts will be automatically assessed for advanced standing (transfer) credits after you have been accepted to Saint Mary’s University. You may be eligible to receive up to 60 credit hours and will receive your transfer credit assessment via email.

Canadian Universities

First and second-year university courses from Canadian universities may be considered for credit if you have earned a passing grade. Credit may also be granted for third and fourth-year courses, depending on university regulations about requirements for respective majors.


Universities Outside Canada

Credits from universities outside Canada are recognized if the institution is accredited in its home country and the courses which you completed are comparable to courses offered at Saint Mary’s University. Saint Mary’s University has articulation agreements with several institutions for the pre-approval of transfer credits.

Community Colleges

We evaluate credits from community colleges on a case-by-case basis. In a number of instances, we have entered into articulation agreements to simplify the credit transfer process.

Career Colleges

Typically, we do not grant credit for studies at career colleges. Nonetheless, every case is reviewed for possible credit, so we encourage you to provide transcripts and course descriptions when you apply for admission to the University.

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