Mature Students

To Qualify for admission as a mature student, the applicant must be at least twenty-two years of age and must show, through educational upgrading, work experience or community volunteer work, ability to benefit from university-level education.  Normally, mature applicants must have been out of school for at least five years.

Here is how you can apply to Saint Mary’s as a Mature Student: 

  1. Complete and mail the application for admission.
  2. Request that your high school sends us an official copy of your last transcript.
  3. Include the $40 application fee.
  4. You will be notified by our Admissions & Recruitment Team to arrange an interview (on campus or via telephone).  In this interview, you will be asked to provide background as above regarding your educational upgrading, work experience, and/or community volunteer experience.

 If you are a veteran who is interested in pursuing post-secondary education, you may be eligible for the Veterans Education and Training Benefit. Check out the Government of Canada's website for more information.

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