Continuing Education

Lifelong Learning with Continuing Education

Continuing Education helps foster lifelong learning, and provides many programs for furthering your educational goals. You can choose to take university courses, executive and professional development courses, or come to lectures and events.

More than 20,000 professionals have taken courses from Continuing Education’s Executive and Professional Development program, and we have over 1,000 students on campus over the age of 25. 

If you have not completed high school, are over the age of 22, you may be admitted as a mature student. Saint Mary's University offers undergraduate degrees in Art, Science, and Business. With the Open Studies (Non-Degree) program, you can take up to 10 courses (30 credit hours), before you will need to declare a program.

Other programs offered:

  • Upgrade your writing math and other skills before you begin a degree, through our university preparation courses.
  • We offer a GMAT preparation course for those thinking about doing a Master in Business Administration.
  • Free lectures and public presentations are also offered.
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