CAPE Equivalency Chart

Saint Mary’s University Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) Equivalency Chart

Students may receive 6 credit hours of advanced standing for each of the following
CAPE courses, if they achieve grades of I, II or III.

CAPE subjects approved for credit:

CAPE Subjects Examined

Equivalent Saint Mary’s University Credit


 ACCT 2241 and ACCT 2242


 BIOL 1201 and SCIE 1901

 Caribbean Studies

 SSCI 1901


 SCIE 1902 and SCIE 1903

 Communication Studies

 ARTS 1901


 ECON 1201 and ECON 1202


 MGMT 1901 and MGMT 1902

 Environmental Science

 ENVS 1200 and ENVS 1901


 FREN 2901 and FREN 2902


 SSCI 1902 and SSCI 1903

 Literature in English

 ENGL 1205 and ENGL 1901

 Management of Business

 MGMT 1281 and BUSI 1903


 PHYS 1901 and PHYS 1902

 Pure Mathematics

 MATH 1210 and SCIE 1904


 SOCI 1210 ad SOCI 1901


 SPAN 1100 (6)


Each of the above Saint Mary’s courses counts as three credit hours with the exception of SPAN 1100 which counts as six credit hours.

Credit for CAPE examined subjects, not listed above but with a grade of I, II or III will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Both units, one and two must be completed to be considered for transfer credit.

Note: Official transcripts for both units one and two are required. Credit is not awarded on the basis of interim school, predicted or mock results. In addition, students have the choice of refusing credits.

Revised October 2017