Sales for Non-Sales Executives

Building Comprehensive Knowledge for Sales Success

The Sales for Non-Sales Executives online self paced course, seeks to develop sales professionals’ skill sets in the key areas demanded by modern business environments. For those looking to build consultative selling skills and learn the full impact sales performance has on an organization, this 6-week online training program provides comprehensive fundamental knowledge for sales success. Learners will walk away with the skills to gather meaningful market and client intelligence, develop relationships across a broad spectrum of personas, and propose custom solutions to the business challenges and goals of the clients they work with.

Each week learners will be required to commit to 3-4 hours of study. The weeks are divided into topics delivered through discussions, new learning in the form of readings and videos, and quizzes and/or assignments designed to test your knowledge. Live office hour sessions are used to reinforce course concepts, allow instructors and learners to review the effectiveness of new concepts, and address

Prerequisite: Participant must have 6 - 9 months sales experience.

Completion of Program:
Learners are required to complete a multiple choice, knowledge check quiz during week 6 and get a passing grade of 70% to receive a certificate of completion. Upon completion of this program, learners will receive a certificate of completion from the Canadian Professional Sales Association. The program is directly aligned to meet full educational requirements for the Certified Sales Associate (CSA).

6 Weeks Online Self Paced Certificate

Program Dates:

January 17 -  February 25, 2022

Fee: $1,895 + HST

Instructor:  Dr. Stephon Jones


Program Schedule: 



Instructor Led Session

    Time Commitment

Jan 17 – Jan 23

M1: Introduction to Course and Understanding Yourself and Others

Thursday January 20th

6:30 to 9:00 Atlantic

Total: 3 hours

Office hours – 2.5 hours

Discussion review – 0.5 hours

Jan 24 – Jan 30

M2: Building Your Business Strategy 

None (Self-Study & Assignment)

Total: 1 hour

Assignment review

Jan 31 – Feb 6

M3: Sales Process Technology

Thursday February 3rd

6:30 to 9:00 Atlantic

Total: 3 hours

Office hours – 2.5 hours

Discussion review – 0.5 hours

Feb 7 – Feb 13

M4: Consultative Selling

None (Self-Study & Assignment)

Total: 1 hour

Assignment review

Feb 14 – Feb 20

M5: Securing the Business

Thursday February 17th

6:30 to 9:00 Atlantic

Total: 3 hours

Office hours – 2.5 hours

Discussion review – 0.5 hours

Feb 21 - Feb 25 

M6: Self-Management

None (Final assignment submission & Knowledge Check)

Total: 2 hours

Assignment Review – 1 hour

Debrief with instructor – 1 hour



1-on-1 Instructor Time:

Have conversations with your peers and instructors in a live video format. Held 3 times through-out the program, office hours give you the opportunity to review course material, ask specific questions about your current sales challenges, and gain valuable 1-to-1 feedback.

ZOOM Technical Requirements

  • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
  • Speakers and a microphone – built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth
  • A webcam or HD webcam - built-in or USB plug-in
  • Note: Mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet may be used but could limit the extent to which you can participate.


Program Content

Module 1 - Introduction to the Fundamentals of Selling and Understanding Yourself and Others (1 week)

An introduction to consultative selling and the consultative sales process. It introduces learners to the key concepts of Unique Value Propositions and how they relate to client needs. This week engages learners to better understand their personality style and its application to help improve sales conversations and interactions. Learners will be asked to consider their personal brand and its alliance with their organization’s goals, and how they can use this knowledge to work collaboratively in a team.

Module Content:

  • The Consultative Selling Approach Understanding Yourself and Others
  • Personality Traits for Sales Success
  • Working with Your Team

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a personal brand that takes into account your strengths, weaknesses, and personality type.
  • Recognize the various roles on your sales team and use strategies to work effectively together.
  • Identify the departments within your company that deal with legal contracts and documents.


Module 2 - Building Your Business Strategy (1 week)

Module 2 delves into developing the skills necessary to develop a territory plan, manage accounts that learners are working with, and prospect for new business opportunities. Learners are introduced to various selling tools and concepts such as SWOT analyses and calculating ROTI to maximize profit and selling times.

Module Content:

  • Territory Planning
  • Account Management
  • Business Development

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Develop strategic, profitable, and achievable territory plans.
  • Use an Account Management Process to retain and grow business within profitable accounts.
  • Follow corporate operating and administration procedures for tracking sales activity.


Module 3 – Sales Process Technology (1 week)

Learners discover how to leverage various sales technology platforms, and build their social media presence to improve their social selling skills and online brand.

Module Content:

  • Sales Technology
  • Social Selling
  • Prospecting Tactics

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Create and manage a prospecting system, within a sales technology platform, to effectively move accounts from market to customers.
  • Prepare for, and execute, prospecting phone calls that overcome potential objections and lead to in-person sales calls.


Module 4 Consultative Selling (1 week)

Learners are introduced to prospecting techniques to maximize their sales impact. Learners also walk through and practice the steps in the consultative sales call to help increase their chances of sales success.

Module Content:

  • The Consultative Sales Call, Part 1
  • The Consultative Sales Call, Part II
  • Types of Sales Communication

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Use an eight-step consultative selling process to secure go-forward commitments at the end of each sales call.
  • Engage in an interactive role-play using all the steps of a consultative sales call.
  • Deliver tailored, effective business case presentations that result in sales.
  • Successfully navigate collaborative negotiations and use influence to close sales.


Module 5 – Securing the Business (1 week)

Module 5 helps learners walk away with the necessary skills to close the sale. They are introduced to topics such as building an effective business presentation, key negotiation principles, and how to develop logically structured business proposals.

Module Content:

  • The Psychology of Influence
  • Final Stages in the Funnel

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Develop proposals or response letters that are logically structured and accurately communicate the key messages.
  • Follow up with clients to ensure satisfactory achievement of agreed-upon sales and strengthen client relationships.
  • Leverage Compliance Principles & tactics to understand customer behavior and improve influence over them.


Module 6 - Self Management (1 week)

As sales professionals engage in a more connected workplace, it’s essential to understand how to manage stress and mindsets in the face of competing priorities. This module seeks to teach learners ways to manage themselves and time to improve their overall quality of life. Learners will put all of their learning into practice through-out week 6 by submitting a video role-play final assignment, displaying each of the steps and completing a final knowledge check designed to test student’s knowledge and understanding of the course materials.

Module Content:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Time Management
  • Professional Behaviour and Development

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Develop self-awareness, maintain optimism, and manage stress with proven takeaway strategies.
  • Set and achieve personal and professional goals for the next 1, 5 and 10 years with a formalized time-management system.
  • Define professional and ethical sales behavior, and govern yourself accordingly.

Program Outcomes

  • Build a comprehensive consultative sales approach
  • Create lasting relationship with clients
  • Make strategic use of you time and effort
  • Enhance your selling skill set

Who Should Attend

You will benefit from this program if you want to:

  • build a more consultative sales approach;
  • create lasting relationships with clients;
  • make more strategic use of your time and efforts;
  • round out your selling skill set;


This program is delivered in partnership with the Canadian Professional Sales Association.


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