Leading Beyond Project Management

Increase your focus, competence and self-confidence as a business leader.

Today’s organizations are looking for tomorrow’s leadership team, and project managers make great leaders! As an experienced PM, the next step in your career could very well take you to the senior leadership level. But how do you get there? What will it take to get you ready for this next level? How can you move from a management position to one of senior leadership within your industry or elsewhere?

Learn the three critical skills that will allow you to leverage your PM experience and prepare you for a move into senior leadership within your industry or elsewhere. This three-day workshop will give participants a solid understanding of the three key elements that PMs need to embrace to become great leaders:

1) Strategic thinking and planning,
2) Business acumen for thinking beyond projects and
3) Communication skills that inspire confidence.

Participants will come away from the program inspired to reach to the next level, and armed with a new roadmap for their careers — their own professional strategic plan to guide them on the journey to senior leadership. You will also receive bonus free e-books by program director David Barrett and instructor Diana Kawarsky.

PREREQUISITE: Participants must be a Project Management professional, PMP or be a graduate of the Schulich Master Certificate in Project Management or other similar programs.

3 Day Certificate
Six half days (3.5 hour sessions)

Program Dates:
June 8, 9, 14, 15, 17, 18, 2021

Time: 12:30 – 4:00 pm ADT

Fee: $1950


Wissam AlHussaini, PhD.
Gail Levitt, PhD.
Diana Kawarsky, MA, CCP.


Leading Beyond Project Management Brochure

Location: Online Virtual Classroom Format
Benefit by attending with project managers from across Canada! The virtual classroom features the new, secure ZOOM video-conferencing platform and recreates the in-class experience with:

  • Multi-modal presentation of materials
  • Engaging activities and interactive exchanges
  • Breakout discussions with the instructors and fellow participants

ZOOM Technical Requirements

  • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
  • Speakers and a microphone – built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth
  • A webcam or HD webcam - built-in or USB plug-in


Program Content

Strategy and Strategic Thinking
Learn the tools and frameworks for strategic decision-making. Cultivate a systematic way of thinking that enables you to develop comprehensive answers to key questions:

  • Strategy vs. Business Model
  • The Strategic Management Process
  • External and Internal Environment Analysis
  • Choosing the Right Strategy(ies)

Developing Your Business Acumen – Thinking Beyond Projects
Develop a CEO mindset that considers a wider scope. Learn the essential concepts, tools, techniques and skills needed to manage the entire business:

  • Taking an inventory of your business acumen
  • Identifying the business problem/opportunity
  • Techniques to think strategically and critically
  • Planning and implementing change

Communicating Like a Leader
Connect with stakeholders, customers, team members, senior management teams, sponsors and more by developing your own professional and thoughtful communication style:

  • Presentation skills to differentiate you
  • Writing skills for connecting with people
  • Influencing and being heard – the first time
  • Communication techniques to ensure your messages are understood and compelling

Leadership in Action
Leading effectively (colleagues, clients, and stakeholders as well as leadership, staff and management) is the key to taking your business initiatives to higher success levels:

  • Develop effective leadership strategies
  • Decision-making techniques that gain buy-in
  • Connect with others to build solid network
  • Assess your leadership style’s credibility 

Top Take-Aways

  • Familiarity with the strategic planning process
  • Increased awareness of the factors that guide and impact strategic thinking
  • Strategic options and mechanisms for choosing the right course of action
  • Key business leadership mindset questions to ask
  • Systematic ways to identify and assess key business problems and opportunities
  • Critical thinking skills using proven leadership tools and techniques.
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness when planning and implementing change initiatives
  • Communicating with authority
  • How to ensure you build your on-the job credibility
  • Understand the art and science of modern decision-making techniques
  • Present thoughtful, organized messages to connect and persuade your listeners

Who Should Attend

The program is designed for individuals with prior experience in the discipline of project management, including:

  • Project Management professionals
  • Graduates of the Schulich MCPM and other similar programs
  • PMPs



This program is delivered in partnership with Schulich Executive Education Centre at York University.

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