Coaching and Mentoring for Higher Performance

Employees crave feedback, recognition and coaching. Providing it to them improperly can have a huge impact on their engagement and retention. 

In this one day workshop we’ll provide you with the foundation of how to deliver feedback, recognition and coaching in a way that will be positively received and will increase employees motivation and performance.

This course will explore Feedback, Recognition and Coaching in an engaging and open environment where all participants learn from each other.


(ONLINE - 2 half days)
December 9 - 10, 2021

 $420 + HST
Facilitator: John Zettler, MBA
Location: Online

Program Content

Providing Feedback in a Meaningful Way

  • Use a structured model for giving feedback in a positive and helpful way
  • Understand how attitudes and mindsets impact the conversation
  • Assure behaviour change by developing action plans and accountability
  • Learn to avoid the mistakes that create anxiety during feedback sessions

The Importance of Recognizing People

  • Understand the different types of recognition you can provide (formal/informal programs)
  • Know when to provide recognition and how people want to receive it
  • Learn to construct a recognition culture
  • Prevent employees from leaving because they don’t feel recognized

Coaching for Performance and Development

  • Understand the differences between coaching for performance and coaching for development
  • Use a structured model for coaching for performance
  • Use a structured model for coaching for development
  • Develop a repository of questions

What You Will Learn

  • Communicate expectations, respect and caring for your employees
  • Learn the concepts and skills of a coaching style of management
  • Build commitment and get results
  • Develop your organization’s “next generation”
  • Create a culture of coaching

Who Should Attend?

You will benefit from this seminar if you:

  • are in a management or team leader position in Private, Public or Not for Profit Organizations
  • are in a management/leadership position without benefit of previous training
  • wish to update your skills and prepare to move to the next level in your career
  • are a “team lead” with indirect reports or shared employees
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