Health and Safety

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Saint Mary's University continues its commitment to providing a safe and clean environment for the community. The university wants to assure students, faculty and staff that they can feel confident and comfortable when they step onto the campus. 

Sanitation and Cleaning 

Hand sanitation dispensers are available at the main entrances to all buildings and near all elevators. Signage around campus serves as frequent reminders to wash hands as well as providing step-by-step instructions. 

To learn more, please review the Hand Washing Guidelines.

The university has increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting throughout the campus.  All public spaces, including public area restrooms, will be cleaned and disinfected twice daily, with custodial employees disinfecting high-touch points throughout the day. 

Campus Mask Policy

Students, staff, faculty and visitors are required to wear a mask in all common areas, areas where this is interaction with the public, areas with poor ventilation, and areas where distance cannot be maintained.

Students are currently required to wear a mask while seated in a classroom.

Exceptions to mask use on campus:

  • Faculty members do not need to wear a mask when teaching as long as they maintain physical distance requirements (at least 3 feet from another person)
  • When working in a private office, meeting room, or other shared workspace, masks use is not mandatory providing that physical distance requirements can be maintained
  • Masks may be briefly removed while eating (if seated and with appropriate physical distancing protocols respected) in one of the authorized areas on campus (e.g., Dockside Dining Hall, Tim Horton’s Seating Area)
  • Masks are not required while residents are in their own room – they must be put on if staff or contractors have to enter their room or apartment
  • There may be individual exceptions (for example medical conditions) preventing individuals from wearing a mask, these individuals must strictly follow physical distancing requirements.

For learning how to use a mask, please view this video

To learn more about the policy, please read the Use of Face Masks

Accountability and Tracing 

With activities increasing on campus, Saint Mary's University has implemented a Campus Check-In procedure for students, faculty, and staff. Upon arrival on campus, ALL students, faculty, and staff who have the approval to enter a campus building must check-in using the electronic form. 

To learn more, please visit the student or faculty/staff virtual university pages. 

Additionally, any faculty or staff returning to resume working on campus must complete a Return to Work on Campus Form , which outlines all the steps and precautions.



During the COVID-19 pandemic, it's important to look to government and other responsible organizations for guidance on how to best protect yourself, and for updated rules on how we should isolate ourselves, travel, shop etc. 

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