COVID-19 and Vaccination Requirements Protocols

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We are enhancing our already robust pandemic response measures

Saint Mary’s University will require proof of full vaccination from all faculty, staff, and students.

This new measure is in addition to the previously announced COVID-19 and Vaccination Requirements Policy that includes:

  • Mandating all faculty, staff, and students to be fully vaccinated (those who cannot meet this requirement because of medical or other grounds must apply for an exemption)
  • Requiring students to upload proof of full vaccination by January 7, 2022 to attend on-campus courses or visit campus
  • Maintaining masking requirements in all public spaces or in spaces where physical distancing is not possible (including in classrooms and laboratories)
  • Enforcing physical distancing requirements

Update on Vaccination for Winter 2022 Term

Students are required upload proof of full vaccination by January 7, 2022 to take on-campus courses or visit campus, unless they have been granted an exemption.

Students who are not taking on-campus courses or visiting campus for any reason must complete an attestation form by January 7, 2022.

After January 7, 2022, students who have not provided proof of vaccination, been granted an exemption, or submitted an attestation form will be unenrolled from their on-campus courses and provided a tuition refund for those courses.

If you think you are eligible for an exemption or have questions, contact For more information, review the full update on vaccination for Winter 2022 Term.

Policy highlights

Students, staff, and faculty are all subject to the mandatory requirement for vaccinations and are required to follow public health recommendations to be fully vaccinated. As a member of the Saint Mary’s community, we expect you to respect public policy and the need to protect the health and safety of everyone who values the opportunity to continue working and learning on campus.

To learn more about submitting proof of vaccination, visit our Vaccination Forms page.

See also, "What if I am unable to be vaccinated?", below.

When on campus, all students, staff, and faculty must comply with masking, physical distancing, and sanitation protocols in accordance with university announcements from time to time.

  • For Fall 2021 and until further notice, masks are required in all common areas and in shared indoor spaces including classrooms, except where social distancing of at least one metre can be maintained. Faculty have the authority to ask students to mask if distancing cannot be maintained, and students refusing to follow a faculty request to mask are in violation of this Policy and the Code of Student Conduct.
  • Any exceptions to masking requirements will be communicated. As well, when other safety concerns (such as laboratory requirements) make mask wearing a concern, this requirement may be waived with approval from the Return to Campus Advisory Team.
  • Faculty and staff may request that students leave a classroom if they are not complying with the mask protocol.


Help Stop the Spread

Help Stop the Spread

Masks 1 Metre Small dimensions

Masks Required 1 Metre

Masks Required

Masks Required


Hand Washing Guidelines


We understand that there may be legitimate reasons for some individuals to be not vaccinated, including medical reasons. If a person cannot be vaccinated and is therefore otherwise in violation of this Policy, or unable to access a service or program or perform their regular duties, the University will consider exemptions on a case-by-case basis. We expect these situations to be the exception and stress that we all have a responsibility to take all reasonable measures to ensure communal health and safety.

To apply for an exemption, please fill out an exemption form and submit it electronically.

Hand sanitation dispensers are available at the main entrances to all buildings and near all elevators. Signage around campus serves as frequent reminders to wash hands as well as providing step-by-step instructions.  

To learn more, please review the Hand Washing Guidelines 

The university has increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting throughout the campus.  All public spaces, including public area restrooms, will be cleaned and disinfected twice daily, with custodial employees disinfecting high-touch points throughout the day. 

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