Information for accepted graduate students

Saint Mary’s University thanks you for your interest in our university and we look forward to having you join our community at the beginning of your program.

We all recognize that we are living in ever-changing times as appropriate responses to stem the COVID-19 pandemic are implemented across the world.  We also understand that you may have concerns about whether you will be able to start your program as planned. It is our hope that the current changes we’ve all experienced will have subsided, and all programs will be able to begin and operate at their planned time. 

We want to assure you that if for some reason there is a disruption in your ability to begin our program due to actions driven by the university (such as not running the program due to ongoing COVID-19 response action) or by the Canadian government (such as borders remaining closed, denial of entry to Canada, or denial of student permit), you will not be penalized. Should anything like these occur and be verified, you will receive a full refund of any deposit or tuition you have paid. 

Again, it is our hope that no such disruption or restriction will occur, but we wanted to provide this assurance that you will not be penalized should it happen.


All inquiries related to graduate programs should be sent to

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