Activities Recognized

What is Recognized on the CCR?

Through the Saint Mary's University CCR, you can discover and record a variety of different activities! All activities are divided into six categories:

1. Volunteer 

Volunteering encompasses both on and off campus engagements. Volunteer work should not be for financial gain, and cannot be for academic credit. Activities in this category can include volunteer work with any of our 50 + community partners, involvement as a Welcome Week Pack Leader, volunteering as a class notetaker and more. 

2. Leadership

This category involves engagement in on-campus leadership positions where students participate in providing direction and guidance in the management of a task or role. Some paid positions may be eligible for recognition under the Leadership category. Leadership opportunities can include positions such as a Teaching Assistant, a Residence Assistant, a Lab Demonstrator, a Peer Mentor, SMUSA Executive positions and more.

3. Student Societies

Involvement in SMU student societies is recognized by the CCR. This can include active participation as a general member, or holding an executive position, in any SMUSA ratified student society.

4. Sports

The Sports category involves opportunities that improve and develop skills in specific sporting activities through participation in recreational or competitive sports. This can include being an athlete on any Varsity, Intramural or Sports Club team at Saint Mary’s University.

5. Professional & Personal Development

Activities in the Professional & Personal Development category involve opportunities for students to hone various soft skills and character traits; these activities promote informal and/or formal learning opportunities geared towards the development of soft and hard skills. This includes one-time or ongoing training and/or development opportunities. Professional & Personal Development positions can include presenting at a conference, participating in a case competition, involvement in SMU Mental Health Advocates, being part of Halifax ToastMasters at SMU, being an active member of an on-campus committee and more.

6. Awards

The Awards category recognizes non-academic awards only (i.e., any award not documented on your academic transcript). In order for the awards to be verified for CCR recognition, the organization/award ceremony coordinator may provide confirmation to the CCR office, or students may send a photo or an email of the award offer. Examples of Awards include, but are not limited to, Athletic Department awards, SMUSA Charter Day awards, and Residence Life awards. 


Use the Activity Directory on Career360° to discover and record hundreds of co-curricular opportunities.

Want to add an experience to your CCR, but don't see it in the Activity Directory? If you believe that the experience is eligible for CCR recognition, log into Career360°, select Co-Curricular Record, then select Request Form and complete the required information. Any Request Forms that are incomplete will not be approved. Requests without an appropriate validator will also not be approved. 

If you have any questions, please book a CCR appointment on Career360° or email

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